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Why Herbs and Vegetables?

It is of vital importance for the health of dogs that when feeding them, they are fed in a way which considers their evolved physiology. We can get some insight into this by looking at their wild counterparts who live off the carcasses of animals they kill as well as wild fruit, nuts, berries, roots and herbs. An important part of their diet would be the partially digested herbage found in the stomach and intestine of the prey animals.

Until the middle of the last century most dogs would have been fed on bones, fresh meat and tables scraps, ‘a diet which is closer to the evolved requirements of the dog, than many of the poor quality, highly processed diets available today.’ (Keith Alison: The Holistic Management of Dogs). An obvious way to reverse this latter trend is to seek to include high quality natural ingredients in food recipes which meet the nutritional requirements of the dog in a way which most compliments its physiology. Cooked herbs and vegetables are a great way of doing this as they are similar to the partiality digested stomach contents of prey animals and can allow their nutrients to be assimilated by dogs.

Our premixes are a high quality, convenient and cost-effective way of including herbs and vegetables in your dog food. Our customers enjoy continued sales growth as satisfied pet owners return again and again on seeing their dogs thrive on natural diets.